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Secure, fast and convenient payments.

Let's face it, buying a home can be a very stressful time. Why add one more item to your 'To Do List', now with OSN Pay you can take care of your earnest money deposit quickly and easily. No need to make that extra trip to the bank or to coordinate delivery of your payment at the start of your transaction. Now you can simply download the OSN Pay app for your Android or Apple device, and make your payment.

Benefits of OSN Pay:

  • Convenient online payment.
  • Secure payment transmission.
  • No courier or Fedex expenses.
  • Fewer people handling your money.
  • OSN Pay is free to download in the Android and the Apple App Store.

Secure, fast and convenient payments

At OSN we believe in providing the best possible service to you with convenient and secure services you can trust. Another reason why OSN is redefining title solutions.

  • Convenient

    Convenient mobile payment option to avoid any delays due to funding.

  • Secure

    Secure payment application you can download to your mobile device.

  • Faster

    Faster delivery and receipt of your payment.

Helpful Tips:

  • Remember to sign the check.

  • Write "For deposit only" on the endorsement area on the back of the check.

  • Write legibly, so there are no issues reading the check.

  • Take the picture of your check on a dark surface.

  • Make sure the background can be seen around all edges of the check.

  • OSN Pay is not for use for final closing funds.

Phone and OSN Pay app

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OSN Pay app today!

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